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Patient Info - Questions and Answers

If You Find a Lump in Your Breast - questions regarding mammography, ultrasound, biopsy, cyst aspiration and non-cancerous breast conditions.

When Breast Cancer is Diagnosed - questions regarding diagnostic testing, types of breast cancer and prognostic factors.

About Breast Biopsy - questions regarding different biopsy options, the biopsy procedure and aftereffects of the biopsy.

About Treatment Choices - questions regarding different treatment options, breast reconstruction and clinical trials.

Before Breast Surgery - questions pertaining to the surgery (including hospital stay and length), as well as questions pertaining to reconstruction, recovery and post-surgery restrictions.

After Breast Surgery - questions pertaining to recovery, follow-up care and lymphedema.

About Reconstructive Breast Surgery - questions about reconstructive surgery, insurance issues and possible side effects.

About Breast Cancer Chemotherapy - questions regarding chemotherapy treatment.

About Radiation Therapy - questions regarding radiation treatment.

About Hormone Therapy - questions regarding hormone therapy.

About Lymphedema - questions regarding the risk of developing lymphedema, precautions to avoid lymphedema and the treatment of lymphedema.

If Someone You Love Has Breast Cancer - suggestions on how to help someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as questions regarding the emotional and physical effects of breast cancer.

Mammography - information about preparing for a mammogram, insurance coverage, mammography results and next steps if an abnormality is detected.

Genes and Inherited Breast Cancer - questions regarding genetic counseling/testing, benefits and risks of genetic testing, insurance coverage, confidentiality issues and options for women at a greater risk for breast cancer.